Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I receive Gold or Credits if I already have the Premium tank?
Unless otherwise noted, you will receive the Gold value of the tank you select and a Garage Slot.
I have some points left from a previous event, can I use them for a future event?
No. All Tank Rewards events are separate from each other, and points earned for a specific event may only be used for that event.
When will I get my prizes?
Typically prizes are credited to your account within 1-2 business days.
Do Supply Crates offer equal chances for each prize?
No. Higher-value rewards will have a lower chance of being drawn.
Can I use my points to select multiple copies of lower-level prizes?
No. Your points are used to unlock new levels of prizing, rather than being "spent." However, if prizes such as the Supply Crates continue to be popular, we may decide to offer one at each level of prizing.
Is there a way to track how many points I have in real-time?
You can see how many points you've earned so far in the World of Tanks game client. We are working on setting up a way to make this visible on this website as well, however an ETA is currently unavailable.